Downsizing Dos and Don’ts

Whether moving from a larger home to a smaller residence or just shifting your apartment living, downsizing can offer you a valuable financial opportunity. Less space generally costs less to rent or own, not to mention you’ll be able to save on utilities as well. You just need to keep these do’s and don’ts in mind when downsizing.

Keep What’s Really Important

When going through everything, make sure to keep what is really important to you. Keep what truly makes you happy and find new homes for most of the rest. You’ll actually find you’re much happier when you move into the new location because of it.

Do You Even Use That?

When going through everything you own, keep in mind what you use and what you don’t. Have you not worn that pair of shoes in a year? Maybe it’s time to get rid of them. What about those books that just collect dust? Consider selling or donating them.

Choose Storage Bins

Go with square or rectangular storage bins. These are easy to use and stackable. That circular storage container doesn’t fit nicely into corners and takes up more space. If you’re buying bins, consider that wicker is strong and can still look good outside of a closet.

Ditch the Clutter

You don’t want to move into a cluttered home. It’s best not to bring clutter with you.

Multi-Function Furniture

Depending on how much space you’ll have in the new home, make sure most of your furniture can serve multiple functions. Storage ottomans, fold-out futons and desks with shelves are some space-saving ideas.

No matter how much stuff you have, Muscular Moving Men handles moves with finesse. Short or long distance, from packing to installation, book your move with our licensed, bonded and insured staff. And hey, good luck at the new place!

June 7, 2017
Muscular Moving Men
Muscular Moving Men