Moving Ain’t Easy

Residential Moving CompanyAnyone can move a sofa, right? It seems elementary, just be sure to keep your back straight and lift with the knees. Yet in moving, what seems easy or simple, often isn’t. There are too many variables to count. Maybe your friends don’t show up to help on the day of your big move. One of them texts you around noon apologizing with a lame excuse, and the other can’t get his or her car to start.

Or perhaps that seemingly simple sofa won’t fit up the steep flight of stairs at your new apartment complex. You don’t want to damage the doorframe, or the sofa you painstakingly picked out. It’s so close! If only the sofa were just an inch shorter. If it was an inch shorter, it wouldn’t be upended in the parking lot outside your shiny new apartment. It’d be inside where it belongs, and you’d be laying across its plush cushions, relaxing, happy that your move went off without a hitch.

Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves

In situations such as these, professional movers might as well be superheroes. At Muscular Moving Men we show up when we say we’re going to show up. We don’t know the meaning of a lame excuse. If your sofa won’t fit up a flight of stairs, we’ll hoist it up on to a balcony, or even in through a window. Moving is about geometry, both working smart and working hard—of course strength helps too. Some recent customer testimonials on Facebook speak to Muscular Moving Men’s professionalism, heart, and work ethic.

On July 6th, Joni McDuffee wrote, “(they) made our move look so easy! Even though it was 111 degrees outside, we had a hard-to-manage flight of stairs, and a bunch of heavy furniture. There is no possible way we would have been able to make that move without them!”

On August 13th Aleyne Larner wrote, “Great people to work with! I bought a stone patio table that I needed picked up and brought to my house; and after calling 5 moving companies, Muscular Moving Men gave me a good price for SAME DAY moving.”

And finally, earlier in the year on February 11th, Jessica Malik wrote of her crew, “The one item that I was most concerned about was treated with the best care I could have asked for. It’s a very heavy item that they handled easily; I would guess all those muscles come in very handy…They not only cared for my items, they cared for me as well.”

 New Cities, Easy Transitions

Moves often occur because of major changes in our lives. We move to new cities to begin new jobs and new lives. A family’s mother gives birth and adds a member, outgrowing the first apartment they lived in together. Another family sells the home they originally built thirty years ago. These kinds of events change who we are. Muscular Moving Men strives to ease these transitions and make your life easier. 602-923-6400

Expert Phoenix Movers

We work hard to keep your items and home protected. We put down carpet protection, door protection and pad and wrap all of your furniture every time for no additional fee. Everyone involved in your move is employed and extensively trained by Muscular Moving Men. We do not hire temporary staff.

Long Distance Moving Across The U.S.

Relocating across country? Our professional team of estimators, drivers and movers will cover all the bases and provide the best long distance moving experience you have ever had. We have a fleet of semi trucks traveling across the country every day moving people just like you into their new homes.

M3 Commercial Moving

There are less than 5 moving companies in Arizona with the Commercial Moving Certification that is the highest in the industry. Our team is trained and capable of moving any size office space with hours restrictions smoothly with no work interference. Check out M3 for more information.

Short & Long Term Storage

Need your items stored for short or long term? We offer state of the art secure storage in Phoenix, AZ while keeping your items professionally padded, wrapped and inventoried so there are no worries.

Customer Experience Obsessed

Don't get stuck with a crew that runs out of steam before your stuff is unloaded. Get Muscular Moving Men to efficiently move your important items.