Tips For The Closet Purge Before Moving

If you’re planning a residential move, one of the things that you’ll want to do before you begin packing is to sort through your things. We’re happy to lug whatever you’ve got, but you might have items you don’t feel like bringing into your new space.

This is a great opportunity to thin out your wardrobe and to get rid of some of the things you no longer wear or want. There’s no point in spending effort packing clothing that you’re just going to store in your new home. The following are a few tips that will help you with cleaning out your closet:

  • Barely worn clothes: Pick out clothes you’ve worn maybe once or not at all. Odds are you’re not about to start wearing them now, so sell, donate or give them away.
  • Outdated clothes: There may be a few favorite pieces in your wardrobe that you no longer wear because they are stylistically outdated. You could eschew fashion advice and wear them anyway, hold onto them until the wheel of style turns in your favor, or let them go because maybe they’re not your style anymore, either.
  • Comfort clothing: Everybody has a few pieces of clothes that they enjoy wearing around the house, but that they would never wear outside for one reason or another. Unless you work from home, you probably don’t wear sweats every day, so you can limit the number of these items you keep.
  • Clothing that no longer fits: If you have clothes from years ago, taunting you to fit into them again, consider letting them go. Most people’s body shape changes over the years, whether they’ve gained weight or lost weight. It’s the circle of life.
  • Worn-out clothes – These are great to wear when you’re doing yardwork or chores, but how many work outfits do you really need? Toss anything that’s damaged and can’t be repaired.

Use these tips to thin out your wardrobe when preparing for a move. If you need a trustworthy and reliable moving service, then be sure to contact us at Muscular Moving Men for a free quote today.

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