On Site Estimates

On Site Moving Estimates in Phoenix AZ

For local moves, we typically work on an hourly rate; Muscular Moving Men provides uniformed and trained professionals who work quickly and with a smile on their face all the while. The experts work diligently to pack and move according to the customer’s specifications and alleviate the headaches synonymous with relocation. Understanding that customers are paying by the hour, the company offers Phoenix moving estimates at no additional charge! This is done upfront, before any work is completed. An onsite estimate consists of an experienced estimator coming out to your home or office in person to provide you a hassle-free estimated price for your move.

The Inspection

The moving estimator will take a visual inspection of all the items to be moved and assess the moving approach with diligence and care. Some situations call for extreme measures, ranging from hoisting items out of a second floor balcony to a piano going up a flight of stairs.

At the completion of the inspection, the estimator will provide business cards and answer any additional questions the customer may have. The estimate is typically in the customer’s hands by the end of the business day with a follow-up by our team to ensure it was received.

The Time Spent at a Move

Muscular Moving Men has just a three hour minimum and bills in fifteen minute increments for the customer benefit, so the customer is ultimately responsible for the time spent on their particular job. Whether it is for packing, moving, or all of the above, the helpful staff and trained estimators will give you a very accurate estimate based on the scope of work for your move.

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