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At Muscular Moving Men, we work tirelessly to eliminate the need for you to be in the hot Arizona sun, attempting so desperately to load the moving truck while on a deadline. Our New River, AZ movers, have been thoroughly trained in proper loading techniques and are equipped with the latest gear to make the entire process easier.

Jewelry Safe Movers

Your jewelry is, no doubt, one of the most expensive assortment of items you own. If you have an entire jewelry safe to keep things together and secure, Muscular Moving Men’s New River, AZ movers can help load the safe onto the moving truck and even unload, too.

Gun Safe Movers

A gun safe, much like a jewelry safe, can come in a variety of sizes – some big and some quite small. Depending on the size, the safe is probably heavy and loaded with your expensive firearms. With the guns safe and secure, our movers can load the entire safe on the truck and properly secure it for transportation.

Intrastate Moving

It may seem simple at first, but intrastate moving is often just as hectic as an international move. Thankfully, Muscular Moving Men is prepared for any journey to help our customers with their relocation process. If we can assist you in making the entire ordeal easier on you, we will. No matter the size of your home, we have personalized moving plans to meet your demands.

About New River

New River is a relatively small community in Arizona with just over 15,000 residents currently living here. For many years, the community was nothing more than a stagecoach stop back in 1868. Today, tourists visit for all of the national attractions, including the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Wranglers Roost Stagecoach Stop, and the Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon. This is truly a historical region.

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