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By eliminating the headache of a move, the Prescott, AZ movers from Muscular Moving Men excel at outperforming the competition and offering the very best customer service to each client. Whether you intend to move down the road, across the state, or to an entirely new country, our team has the experience, the training, and the tools to accomplish any given task.

Apartment Moving

An apartment is smaller than a four-family household, which makes the process a bit more streamlined when it comes to relocating. Packing up each room in the apartment and labeling every box can be done quickly with the right moving team working tirelessly through the day. Upon packing up everything, each box will be carefully loaded into our moving truck for relocation.

Furniture Movers

Pieces of furniture are the biggest and most expensive items an individual or family wants to have moved. Our Prescott, AZ movers have experience handling all sizes and styles of furniture. Each piece is treated carefully, ensuring there is no damage to any item when they are loaded into the truck. Upon completion, the moving truck will look neat and organized – perfect for when it comes time to unload all of the furniture at your new location.

About Prescott

Prescott is a relatively small city in Yavapai County, with just over 40,000 residents currently residing there. Despite being a smaller city, there is quite a bit to do on any given day. You have the Prescott Circle Trail, the natural parks, the hiking paths, and the world famous Whiskey Row. Tourists will always have a busy day when visiting, as will residents.


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For a free estimate appointment with our Prescott, AZ movers, contact Muscular Moving Men today by calling 602-923-6400. We would be more than happy to help make your relocation easier all around.

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