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Our Moving Reviews & Testimonials

Muscular Moving Men and Storage
Based on 673 reviews
Muscular Moving Men & Storage
Based on 100 reviews
Christian G and Reggie did an in-town move for me and were punctual, quick, and personable. They came recommended and performed as hoped. The companies fees are up front and they alleviated any possible headaches. Great work!
19:13 03 Dec 21
No problems at all. Very professional from start to finish.
19:37 02 Dec 21
Nick S, JoJoe & Juan were amazing. These guys were super friendly and accommodating to my changing needs! Thank you, will definitely use in future!
21:47 24 Nov 21
Very polite, professional, good value, and on time. I would highly recommend them.
18:41 21 Nov 21
Christian and James coordinated a large group of movers and packers and took care of our whole house in just a few hours and it was wonderfully stress free. I was able to kick back with my dog and know my property was cared for. Would recommend for anyone doing a large move.
21:01 19 Nov 21
They did a great job moving us today!! Would recommend!! Speedy and professional!
20:34 17 Nov 21
Big shout out to a hard working crew crew led by Chad who did a great job providing excellent customer service and keeping us informed of what was happening. Christian G. Was great and helped with the communication and knocking out the job quickly. Kaelin was great moving stuff out quickly but with consideration for or stuff.
16:49 17 Nov 21
Very nice and friendly people , they really made it easy to move in , would definitely recommend them
16:39 15 Nov 21
The guys showed up on time and were very professional. They even went to a second pick up site. They were fast and efficient. I would definitely use them again!!!
00:41 14 Nov 21
Don’t hesitate to use Muscular Moving Men! The rates are competitive and the service is excellent! Very fast and took good care of my belongings.
18:06 12 Nov 21
Muscular Moving Men is great to work with! They provided an accurate quote and JoJoe, Nick, Alec and Corbin were amazing! They were friendly and professional and did a great job moving us to our new home. Highly recommend!!
17:05 12 Nov 21
Hired two guys to help me move my heavy woodshop equipment. Even though one was late in showing up the one who did (Alec) was great, between the two of us we got the majority of the tools moved. I'd use them again should the need arise!
22:16 11 Nov 21
Great experience with Muscular Moving Men. The customer service was outstanding throughout the entire process. They are very thorough and accurate when providing a quote.For the move itself, Cameron, Matthew and Micheal were outstanding. They were very polite and they sure did hustle. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Highly recommend.
20:23 07 Nov 21
Nick, Cam, and Andy were all very kind, quick, and thorough! Will definitely be using them again for the next move :)
20:30 06 Nov 21
Very professional, friendly and efficient team. Nick, Cam and Andy absolutely crushed it! Made our move very stress free.
20:21 06 Nov 21
Very professional, kind, and quick! Thank you to Nick, Cam, and Andy!!!
20:19 06 Nov 21
We Have used muscular moving man for two other moves and never had a problem. The crew we had last week were professional and polite. The biggest issue we had with this move is the truck we had was not big enough to hold all of our stuff. This resulted in us having to make the 70 mile drive 7 times to get the rest of our belongings. This is the last thing you need when going through a big move. The second issue was the hardware from two bed frames was lost. One of the beds is from Ikea and I still have not been able to locate new hardware for it. The second bed I found the hardware in the carpet when I was cleaning the apartment but I am missing part of it. We talked to someone at the office about these issues and they just gave excuses. I don't plan on moving again but if I do I will likely not use this company again.
13:03 05 Nov 21
The movers Joe and Jason really gave my friend Dalton an easy moving experience. Was really impressed when they lifted the heavy crate up into the car for us. We couldn’t even budge it an inch. Highly recommend!
05:08 04 Nov 21
Always great work from MMM. My movers this time, Jojo and Carmen, were very careful with my furniture but still super fast. My next move will be with MMM again!
20:37 03 Nov 21
very caring of my furniture, wrapped everything well and put everything back together. Highly recommend them
15:39 01 Nov 21
Muscular Moving Men is the best! This is my second time with the company, and the customer service and care can't be beat. I move around quite often, and just recently moved back from Florida to the Valley. Unfortunately, I couldn't use them in Florida, and my move was terrible, but hiring Muscalar Moving Men once I got back to Scottsdale was definitely the right move. Jason and Joe were awesome! I will absolutely use this company every time I move.
15:07 31 Oct 21
Ryan, Nick, Jason and James were wonderful!! Moved everything very pro)fessionally. I would highly recommend them as movers!!!
18:40 28 Oct 21
I won't go into detail because I am too sad about everything lost/stolen. but you can't even get someone to call you back after the move to find out where the lost or stolen items are. I am devastated.

update: so the manager told us too bad, so sad that we lost items. we hired MMM to pack and move our home. he said any items we cared for we should have packed our selves. the movers did not empty drawers and (we thought) lost many items.

the real issue is the movers and Packers were incompetent. some of the items that were lost were found crammed in a baggie, separate from their pairs (cuff links). the recording you hear while you are on hold is that they train their workers how to pack and move. this is a bald faced lie. they send day laborers over to our house who had never packed anything before.

look, this company is in a situation of incompetence because they are growing rapidly and the manager just does not have time to care. his too bad, so sad response tells me this. he said he would follow up with the crew to see where the stuff was. if he had done that he would have called us and said, oh, they found that and put it in a baggy.

we had buy new hardware to re hang our TVs they were HIRED to move....they lost the hardware and power cords.

they had to send a company to put our beds together because the team lost the hardware to put our beds back together.

they dragged a new sofa and there are holes in it now.

don't be a victim of their rapid growth and incompetence.

I am forming a class, please contact me if you want to be added.
16:49 26 Oct 21
They worked efficiently, protected our belongings and made our entire move stress free, if we move in the future they will be our first call
03:55 26 Oct 21
professional, nice, looking forward for the to move us..thank you
15:54 25 Oct 21
Muscular moving men is amazing ! The movers arrived and were very professional and helpful. The guys packed my entire kitchen as well as disassembled each of my bedroom sets. Everything was carefully packed and put on the moving truck with care. When we arrived at the new house, the guys went right to work setting up each of the bedframes, putting things were they needed to be and handled everything with great care. Muscular Moving Men took all of the stress out of moving and made my move from Gilbert to North Peoria a breeze. Highly recommended -- super super super professional.
17:41 22 Oct 21
Service from start to finish was 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! They did exactly what they said they would do and even saved us money in the end when they shaved some hours off of their estimated time. Would highly recommend them for your moving needs!
22:50 20 Oct 21
Chad ,Kevin and Daniel were great !!! Servic3 was outstanding!!!
18:20 20 Oct 21
Muscular moving men were amazing! Super helpful, efficient, friendly and professional. Highly recommend them!
18:04 16 Oct 21
Nick and Salvador are definitely professional and their service is worth every penny. Definitely recommend 👍🏻👍🏻
22:52 15 Oct 21
Best moving experience ever! On time, professional, clean and hard working!!
22:44 15 Oct 21
Really loved how fast both Nick and Salvador got the job done and they were so much help with the reorganization and the helping me put my things together I will definitely be using there services again in the future if needed
18:40 15 Oct 21
They were so amazing and FAST!! I called multiple moving companies and non of them were able to help BUT muscular moving men stepped up and got the job DONE!! Fast and professional as a Realtor I will definitely be using them again🔥🔥 Thank you Nick and Salvador 🙏🏾🙏🏾
18:18 15 Oct 21
Both Nick and Salvador were very helpful with the moving process and I would highly recommend them again for another move in the future.
17:47 15 Oct 21
Awesome, smooth, and friendly experience. On time and done within the timeframe they estimated. I love that they package and wrap everything to ensure no damages. Nick, Chris, and Cal - thank you!!
21:57 14 Oct 21
The 3 gentlemen were fantastic. Very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this service.
23:22 13 Oct 21
The overall experience of our move was well handled by Muscular Moving Men and Storage. The crew arrived within the provided time window. They were courteous during the loading and unloading process. The total costs, which involved very few packing and boxing fees as we had done much of this prior to their arrival, seemed a bit high, but was competitive nonetheless. Unfortunately, there were a few items damaged during the move; however, this was swiftly handled by the office. While the amount dispersed for the damaged items was nowhere near their value, it was better than nothing. I would recommend this company to others.
16:45 13 Oct 21
Christian GKenny,Philippe.Moving made so much easier.
20:05 12 Oct 21
Christian G. and Matt F. went above and beyond helping with my move from Phoenix to Chandler! Timely, efficient and communicative throughout the process, ensuring careful handling of all of my belongings and fragile items. Highly recommend these specific movers to anyone and muscular moving men as the ideal moving company if you're looking for quality and efficiency! Thank you again!
23:31 11 Oct 21
They’re very friendly, careful and efficient. Nick, Josh, and Joe did a great job with helping us move into our new house. Everything got done quickly and swiftly.We love Muscular Moving Men!
17:40 11 Oct 21
I have moved many times and these guys, Chad, CJ, Alec, and Joe, are great!! Professional, efficient, and hard working. Highly recommend!
19:26 07 Oct 21
Chad, Vincent and Josh . We're awesome to work with and took great care of all my furniture.10/10
02:43 07 Oct 21
Chad, Daniel S. and Adrian did a great job from start to finish with our move - professional and efficient and took care to make sure our items were loaded properly and safely!
01:19 06 Oct 21
Chad, Daniel S and Adrian did a great job moving all our things. Quick and professional, great experience.
19:34 05 Oct 21
Nick and James were amazing with my never ending move. Professional, gentle with my with my fragile items.
01:50 03 Oct 21
Chad and Phil were amazing. They moved quickly and efficiently. We are so thankful we had them to help us move into our first home!
20:03 02 Oct 21
I’ve used Muscular Moving Men on two different occasions and they’ve always tried to get me the best deal. Chad and Cam were friendly, efficient and careful with my belongings on my most recent move.
00:45 02 Oct 21
Great company!
Very professional and fast!
Highly recommend Muscular Moving Men!
22:12 01 Oct 21
The guys showed up with a great attitude and were very careful/efficient with my furniture. They were also extremely fast and got done much quicker than anticipated. Would definitely recommend them and would personally use them again.Thank you muscular moving men.
23:47 29 Sep 21
Nick and Collin took care of our move today and did an awesome job. They are on time (early) and extremely helpful knowledgeable and professional. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future. Thanks guys for an awesome job. Much appreciated!!!
21:57 29 Sep 21
I can't say enough good things about them. Kenny, Christine M and Filippe were just wonderful. They wrapped each piece of furniture in padded and then in plastic. They were fast and a pleasure. I will recommend them in the future, in fact, I am getting a quote for my daughter's move.
21:24 29 Sep 21
Had a couple of guys from Muscular Moving come out and help move my belongings with care, speed and in a timely manor. Out of all I appreciate how comfortable I felt as well as the customer service I received from Christian G and the other guys. Will recommend in the future Muscular men.
17:54 29 Sep 21
These guys are amazing! Fast, courteous, nice and did I mention FAST! They did a great job with our in town move and I would definitely hire them again. Big thanks to the crew Christian G., Nick H., Joe, and Adrian …….. you guys are awesome!
20:03 27 Sep 21
Muscular Moving Men and Storage is a company I would recommend to anyone needing to move. The promptness of sending someone to do the free estimate, to the careful packing of fine china and goods to the final stage of wrapping and protecting your furniture and orchestrating a smooth and professional move to the final destination. The care and quality lifted the aches and pains of moving. All the staff during the operation, were smiling and very polite. You are in excellent hands with Muscular Moving Men.
15:21 26 Sep 21
Christian and Angel were friendly, professional and quick. They got the job done faster than anticipated so my price came in significantly less than I was quoted.
23:01 24 Sep 21
The team was great! They went right to work when they arrived and they never stopped until everything was unloaded. We ran over their time estimate, but there was quite a bit to move. I’d highly recommend them.
22:48 20 Sep 21
Great crew of guys! Professional & friendly! Best movers in the Valley. Highly recommended! Can’t believe they moved this 1000 lb safe! Thanks! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
21:10 20 Sep 21
Nick, Juan & Josh was amazing they did a phenomenal job. They were very professional they moved really fast. Handled the furniture and belongings with the upmost respect. They didn’t bump or bang up anything. I will definitely use muscular movers again. I highly recommend this company to anyone. The best hands done! Thank you guys!
21:39 17 Sep 21
Reggie and Perry were absolutely amazing, recently moved from southwest Colorado to aurora and they were fast and professional and got the job done so well. So happy we went with this company! Josh was also super informative and great to work with and look forwar to contacting them in the future with moves as needed!
19:20 16 Sep 21
Edwin, Matt, and Kyle knocked it out of the park! Move went perfectly smooth and right on time! Highly recommended!!!
21:27 15 Sep 21
I was happy with their quality and attitude and service.
20:58 15 Sep 21
Awesome crew. Friendly and strong. Great move. I picked the right company. Christian G. Jack. Joe from the Bronx. Megan. Good group.
19:33 15 Sep 21
Christian G, Christian M, James , Jake , Kordel, Wan we’re fantastic. They were very careful, fast and professional!!!
22:47 10 Sep 21
I would use this company again! Great service and Nick and Carlos were great!
20:23 10 Sep 21
We have used MMM multiple times. we always get great, prompt service. Our special request was handled in the same efficient manner as their general moving.
17:53 09 Sep 21
Fantastic! We have moved 6 times in the last 7 years, and by far, Muscular Men was the best experience. We moved from a single family home, to downsize to a second story condo in Phoenix. Kenny, Christian G, and Wan we’re friendly, quick, and careful. Everything went so smoothly. Even our dog was at ease, which rarely happens. We can’t recommend these guys highly enough. Completely satisfied and if we ever need to move again, we absolutely will use them.
19:17 08 Sep 21
They were early, very efficient and asked questions when not sure how to take furniture apart. Pointed out issued, and appeared to work well together. So glad I was able to hire them.
18:05 06 Sep 21
Christian G, Reggie and Evan are fast, careful, and they are great to work with. I highly recommend you ask for that crew if possible.Thank you Muscular Men!
19:42 03 Sep 21
We had a wonderful experience with Nick and Perry! They were extra careful with our belongings, communicated effectively and moved quickly. We definitely recommend this company based on their work and would use them again in the future.
19:13 02 Sep 21
The team did a great job with our move. They took great care with wrapping and packing up furniture and packed the truck very secure. They finished up ahead of schedule and unloaded very quick as well. Request these guys. So good so fast. Thank you Nick, Ryan, Juan, and Danger!
21:07 01 Sep 21
Awesome company! CHRISTIAN G and Vincent were great and made our move easy and care free. I would recommend Muscular Moving over and over! They are great!
17:53 30 Aug 21
This is a revision of a critical review posted after our July 6 2021 move. After posting a negative review we were very pleasantly surprise to get a call about our lost weights. We were offered a reasonable reimbursement which we gladly accepted. I would definitely recommend this company as they made good. Happy moving everyone!
16:15 30 Aug 21
I had the best Duo Team today, move me. Dustin & Christian. They were quick, professional, helpful & honest. Definitely ask for this Team on your next move. You won't be disappointed
00:27 27 Aug 21
I had an awesome moving experience with Dustin & Christian. Two great guys, professional, quick, took good care of my belongings. I will highly recommend this duo team for your next move!
00:19 27 Aug 21
Daniel L and Chad were amazing!! Very professional, extremely accommodating, efficient, and took amazing care with all my belongs. I would absolutely — 100% — recommend both Daniel L and Chad to my family and friends. I will be calling Muscular Moving Men for my next move and request Daniel L and Chad again!! Thank you for your hard work.
16:55 26 Aug 21
Awesome movers. Best in town. I worked for alot of them. They treat there employees the best by far. They provide absolutely superior customer service. Employees are provided everything they need to exceed customers expectations.
02:51 25 Aug 21
These 3 guys are the best, Chad, Daniel S. and Fernando! Everything was done to satisfaction. Thanks so much guys!!!.
18:33 24 Aug 21
Christian JoJoe and Feflipe were incredible. I highly recommend using them and only plan on using this company moving forward!
01:40 24 Aug 21
Perfect service from Ryan, Luis, Daniel E and Fernando, total courtesy and professionalism through and through!
21:42 20 Aug 21
Called Muscular Moving to help my son/daughter-in-law load up their uhaul for their move to Texas. They only had 2 days before they had to be out of the house.
They were very helpful in getting us help on such short short notice. The 2 guys that came were very efficient and did not lose any time getting the stuff packed in the van.
Thanks again for helping on short notice!
00:07 20 Aug 21
Highly recommended!! In any move I have to do - I will definitely call again. I urgently needed great movers on the very last minute - the afternoon before my move day my first booked mover had to cancel and I found Muscular Moving Men and Storage by the great reviews. They totally saved me by working on an unscheduled Sunday and the crew were fantastic. I was in such a panic and I was and still am so grateful for the dispatch to help me out and the team that moved me. I cannot say enough great things of them all. THANK YOU ALL!!
22:56 18 Aug 21
This company is awesome! Took care of my possessions professionally and the movers were very nice.
19:39 17 Aug 21
They were fantastic! Made moving easier than it ever has been!!
20:15 14 Aug 21
The muscular moving men were awesome! Arrived when they said they would and moved us very quickly. They made moving much easier for us. I highly recommend them for the job.
17:20 14 Aug 21
Chad, Caleb and James rocked my move today! They were an awesome crew! Thank you
18:45 12 Aug 21
From start to finish this was a great experience. On time arrival, efficient, friendly, professional and I would use them again. And they saved my back from lifting the heavy loads. I like that in a moving company. Great works Team MMM!
17:46 09 Aug 21
Chad and Collin did excellent job. They were quick and kind.
22:55 06 Aug 21
The guys were here on time, did a quality job of wrapping furniture and packing.I would recommend this company as they were prompt and answered all my questionsas the process went along. As a senior lady I appreciated the patience and respect shown to me.
18:58 06 Aug 21
This was my first time moving and very unsure what to do! Cedrix did a good job explaining the process. On day of move the men were very muscular. It went a bit over the estimate but that’s ok it was 115 degrees outside! I tipped them $30 each.
17:18 06 Aug 21
Amazing staff always friendly and willing to help or answer questions customers may have. They really take the STRESS out of moving. The “Mover Athletes” as they refer them to were awesome they were fast and time efficient and worked as a team it was actually really cool to watch how effortless they make it look. Muscular moving men & storage truly cared about my items and treated them as if it was their own! I 100% recommend using them for your next Move regardless if it’s local, Long distance or commercial they even got ride of my unwanted items with their junk and donation division!! They truly have everything you need to get the job done
17:08 06 Aug 21
I had a local move in the valley that I was stressing out about. The MMM team made this the easiest experience ever! My movers Angel, and I think Smotero was his name did an amazing job and I would recommend this company for any moving needs in the future.
16:34 06 Aug 21
Awesome experience, Will defiantly use again the movers i had were fantastic. Just ask for Jack, Luie, or Ryan and you'll have a stress free move. Amazing customer service the office staff was very friendly and considerate from the day prior confirmation call to the follow up call afterward. Will recommend to all my friends, family, and anyone i met in passing. Thank you again Muscular Moving Men. You're awesome.
16:32 06 Aug 21
On time to the minute, professional, took direction from multiple women easily, never complained, great work ethic and finished in less than the allotted time. A true joy to work with!

Will happily use them again and again!

Bravo to Chad, Collin, Cal, Jimmy and Blake!
22:38 04 Aug 21
Muscular Moving Men (MMM) is a good company to call. We have a large house (3400 sq ft with 3-car garage) and moving 2000 miles away (1800 sq ft house with 2- car garage). MMM we’re professional, friendly , and helpful. One day they came and packed. The next day they loaded the truck. The first day the crew was Chad, Xavier, Daniel V, and Louie. The second day the crew was Fernando, Kordell, Daniel E, Daniel L, Daniel S, and Mike. They were flexible and responsive to my requests to pack my items extra safe in bubble wrap. I did not have every room ready when they arrived, so they packed rooms in the order I requested. Also, per my request early in morning on the second day, they arrived at 9 am instead of earlier in the morning because I wasn’t feeling well. When they did arrive, they were friendly, supportive, and helpful. They got right to work and they were efficient the whole time; no one was slacking. I have every confidence that our items will arrive safely at our new home 2000 mikes away. Very professional company in my opinion.
20:56 04 Aug 21
My husband and I would absolutely use MMM again! The movers Christian G and Nick came out and moved all of our belongings with care and efficiency!
13:49 02 Aug 21
Had a great experience with my move. Both movers were polite and professional. Would highly recommend this CompanyJames
23:23 30 Jul 21
We recently used them to move my 91 yr old mother. They were phenomenal!! Highly recommend! Extremely efficient. Very courteous.
21:06 30 Jul 21
They were amazing! Great attention to detail and makes the moving experience so much better. I felt comfortable with their work and I felt like a VIP! Would definitely recommend them.
17:01 29 Jul 21
Christian G, Ivan, Jordan did an amazing job. Very auick and efficient they took great care of all my belongings. I recommend them .Robert, and Christine Cook.
22:00 28 Jul 21
Highly recommend this company. Very respectful, very careful, very communicative on their every step. Great group of guys on the team. Each knew their job and got right to it.
18:09 27 Jul 21
They noted down that I was concerned about the high end of the cost estimate, so they worked with me to priortize the items that I couldn't easily fit into my sedan to keep within the 3hour minimum charge timeframe. It was a hot and humid day, and they got to deal with my stairs at origin and at destination, but they did so with a great attitude. I have a few scuffs on the walls and some chipped furniture, but my furniture was cheap anyway and I have the touch-up paint for the walls.Overall a positive experience, would recommend!
18:14 23 Jul 21
We had a great move. The guys were very easy to work with, flexible, friendly and everything arrived safe and sound - not one thing was broken or scratched.
20:48 22 Jul 21
Muscular Moving Men is the best moving company in Arizona! I wouldn’t use any other company. Their team is top notch and know their stuff.
19:23 22 Jul 21
This was the best moving experience from start to finish. Everyone I dealt with was so helpful and informative. Will recommend this guys and for sure will be using them again.
17:53 14 Jul 21
Small job, but needed the help. Professional, courteous, on time and I would certainly call them again. Highly recommend!
17:04 14 Jul 21
What a great company every employee we had even the packers in Phoenix were amazing . Perry help with donations and with packing and loading the truck for my wife's move from Phoenix. Full service move was amazing they are timely , professional , and efficient . Completely packed our entire house on 4th of July weekend and moved us in after 4th in golden Co . Juan was incredible drove our truckload out and his help never showed he single handedly moved a truck into our 2nd story apartment .this company is highly recommended by my wife and I . Professionalism at its best. Thank you for easing our moved and making it stress free.
02:54 08 Jul 21
Juan and Perry were amazing. moved me from Phx to CO. full service move from dump removal, packing, and long distance move. Juan and Perry were so courteous and respectful. Juan moved the entire load by him self to a 2nd floor apartment. I cannot recommend them highly enough. the entire crew was great.
02:50 08 Jul 21
They moved our Law Office. They were prompt, helpful, respectful and Muscular! We’ve used them multiple times and will use them again when needed!
01:08 29 Jun 21
Angel and Mike were so professional quick and courteous, would hire this company again.
19:56 24 Jun 21
Very careful with our possessions. Extremely courteous and friendly.
15:36 23 Jun 21
Alex and Allen were great. They carefully packed and moved our furniture efficiently and professionally. We highly recommend Muscular Moving Men and will use them again to finish our move. Great communication from their office and great people doing the move!
14:18 22 Jun 21
These guys did a great job. We had a lot of loose garage items and they packed in everything with great expertise!
15:47 21 Jun 21
Service was above and beyond! Chad and David are awesome and handled all furniture/belongings with care. High quality and efficient process, will definitely be using them again for future moves and highly recommend them!
18:28 18 Jun 21
A big shout out to Chad, Matthew and Victor for moving my in-laws into their new place. They were super patient and helpful! We highly recommend this crew! Thank you!
16:02 17 Jun 21
Our pack up and move with Muscular Moving Men was a seamless experience. Movers were courteous and hard working. Would highly recommend using them for your next move.
15:12 11 Jun 21
WE used these guys because we heard good things from our realtor
and she did not steer us wrong. From the moment I scheduled the appointment their staff was
helpful and kept us in the loop the whole way through. I cannot say enough good things about the crew with Dustin and Steve they were clean cut and very respectful gentlemen, something that is lost in today's youth. I have used movers before but these guys were so much more pleasant and we even joked around a bit. A couple times I offered to take a box from them because I wanted it on the back patio or someplace out of the way and they politely responded I'll take it sir. When I heard "SIR" I was pleasantly surprised and I felt a comfort and a sense that I made the right decision using MMM as our moving company. I hate moving and never wish to do it again but if I do........I know I will be calling MMM to get us moved. Tim Peoria, Az.
14:12 10 Jun 21
These guys are awesome, We had Daryl and Yobani , they are efficient, careful and very personable . I would height recommend them!!!
Thanks Daryl and Yobani
18:26 07 Jun 21
Daryl and Jose are the best!!! They were absolutely the best part of our experience with muscular moving men. So friendly and outstanding from start to finish. They made us feel so comfortable and secure.
18:28 29 May 21
Ryan and Ivan were an awesome team today. Efficient and hard working. They made the move a smooth experience. Highly recommend them !
23:09 28 May 21
They are AMAZING!!!!!! On time! Super professional! Very helpful and over the top customer service! Highly recommend them!
21:59 22 May 21
Had a great experience with the team! They were very thorough in wrapping all my furniture and quick to unload and unwrap. Would highly recommend!
18:00 22 May 21
Excellent customer service. From booking my move to confirmation to the move to payment was seamless and stress free. 5star customer service
20:55 20 May 21
just got done moving with muscular men. and once again excellent work. this morning is my 4th time using them . I trust them completely, packing and protection is 4 star always. when ever I need movers it's a no brainer don't need to search
18:37 19 May 21
We had to move twice, once to the independent senior living community storage facility and then 3 weeks later to our renovated apartment in the same building. We appreciated Jax and Sotero. We had so much more stuff than anticipated and it took hours longer, but they were accommodating and friendly throughout. So we requested them again and Sotero returned with Cole. Again we were completely satisfied with the move they provided. Cole even had some Feng shui suggestions that assisted with our furniture placement. We would definitely recommend Muscular Moving Men.
21:45 18 May 21
Excellent service! Very polite....set everything up and super job!
18:23 15 May 21
Jojoe and Robert were fantastic! Great communication. Super careful, professional and fast! Will definitely be using them again. Zero stress!! Thank you so much!
16:52 12 May 21
Seriously the best experience with movers ever. They hustled and we so ver kind to my dad whom has dementia! Would def use them again for my moving needs
23:44 08 May 21
A bit expensive, but the guys were so
professional and pleasant to talk to. They handled our belongings with care. JoJoe did a great
job organizing and packing everything into storage and the other 2 men did a great job unloading and moving the items to location. I can’t say enough! The team was worth the extra
bucks. They made this portion of our move without worries.
17:12 05 May 21
Spectacular moving company! They worked extremely fast but were efficient and careful with all my items. I would be more than happy to hire them again for any moving needs I have in the future.
17:44 04 May 21
Packers were very pleasant, clean and did a great job packing. I would always use thrm
18:06 03 May 21
We had a great experience with MMM. The crews they provided for the packing and storing ...
then the delivery and unpacking were superb.
They were careful, caring and skilled...a pleasure to work with!
00:42 30 Apr 21
Awesome job, thx so much to Devon, Aidan, and Luis. You guys were great thanks for your help!
18:30 24 Apr 21
These guys are the best
Ryan, Robert Aidan
Highly recommended
01:45 22 Apr 21
I used muscular moving company this past Saturday and was very impressed with how fast and efficient mike and jack are. I highly recommend this company. BTW, I called two other moving companies prior to calling and never heard back. Muscular movers called me right back. Thanks guys. Joe and Rose P.
17:07 19 Apr 21
Great job. On time, efficient and nothing was damaged. The guys were very friendly and personable.
04:14 07 Apr 21
Austin and Angel were amazing! fast and professional. Also did the move on short notice which helped us tremendously. Will absolutely recommend and use next time we have a move! 10/10 rating 😀
17:46 03 Apr 21
SUPERB TEAM at Muscular Moving Men!!!!

Jojoe and his team came to our home today to move some very heavy and complicated furniture, that needed to be taken apart, when it was not obvious how to take it apart successfully.

When they first arrived, Jojoe immediately introduced his team (a great gesture!) and began the process of assessing what needed to be done first. He quickly prioritized the 3 different, very large, and complicated pieces and had the first out the door within minutes, despite its extremely heavy weight and difficult to maneuver dimensions. While others in the past had failed to understand how to pull apart the very long, bulky and heavy credenza, Jojoe immediately was on the floor, under the piece, and figured it out quickly.

Every load out the door was maneuvered in exceptionally tight quarters and yet he never hit any wall or door or other piece in the area. He had his team trained to be sure to give him the proper directions to stay in the narrow space he was given to move things out of the door.

Jojoe was focused on doing a great job. He never lost sight of keeping his customers informed about what he was doing or about to do. He showed brilliance, along with sound good spirits, and a desire to please and help his customers.

I have never encountered such a well-rounded and top notch moving man, who not only moved difficult pieces so successfully, but had a warm and courteous personality that made you enjoy watching him work.

I highly recommend using this company!!!
03:36 02 Apr 21
Awesome company! Very professional both in the office and the actual movers. Recommend this company immensely!
23:06 01 Apr 21
Muscular Moving Men and Storage were amazing! Brett was spectacular and very efficient and finished the job right on time!!
20:57 01 Apr 21
Hard workers, got everything done fast and efficient! Very polite and easy to work with!
18:30 29 Mar 21
Had such a smooth move to our new home. The men were respectful, motivated, and did a great job treating our belongings with care. They did great at avoiding dings in the walls as well. The move was very quick because the men were hustling. Best move experience ever!! I will recommend MMM to anyone moving. I used them from a referral from someone else who used them and was very pleased.
18:52 22 Mar 21
My family and I really appreciate the phenomenal job that Shebani and Darrell are doing for us today in moving our possessions from our previous home to our new home. They are very friendly, respectful, and professional. We will recommend them to our friends
and family who might need to move in the future. Jim, Kim, and Johnny
19:50 12 Mar 21
These guys are efficient, professional and careful with your belongings. Super friendly. Worth every penny.
16:43 11 Mar 21
We had Megan, Jordan, Louie and Jamie move our belongings to storage vaults. They were amazingly careful with everything and had great attitudes. We were stressed to the max with the preparation and they just made everything seem sane and calm. Thank you!!! I would highly recommend them.
02:31 09 Mar 21
First time using Muscular Moving Men and I am a happy customer! Javon, John, and Matthew were profession quick and thorough! I recommend these guys for your moving needs!
20:16 08 Mar 21
We had a last minute move and muscular moving men & storage was able to accommodate. Ryan great communication between arrival times.
19:11 08 Mar 21
We were very happy with the service provided. Very professional and friendly throughout the move. Highly recommended for your moving experience.
18:34 08 Mar 21
Matt Jamie and Dillon did an amazing job today. Tough job and they did it in a great time.
00:12 07 Mar 21
Highly recommend! They are the perfect combination of professional, friendly, careful and efficient. Definitely would use them again.
21:01 05 Mar 21
Great experience and great service from the homies at Muscular Moving Men! Kordell and Daniel did a great job, highly recommend them!
19:41 04 Mar 21
We’ve moved our fair share of times in our life and have always dreaded hiring movers. But thankfully this time with Muscular Moving amen we have restored our faith that there’s movers who care! From the moment we called this company their customer service was the best we’ve experienced. Dakota at their office helped us feel comfortable with answering any questions we had and also was the only one of all the companies we called, who cared enough to follow up to get us scheduled. On moving day Jamie and Kolby arrived on time (even called to give us a smaller window of arrival time)...and took care at moving all our possessions. They made sure the home was protected and that items were placed properly and carefully.

We hope not to move again soon - but DO hope that Everyone considers using Muscular Moving amen for their moving needs (our one regret....not allowing them to pack for us! We know they would have done amazing and spared us the headache lol)! 10/10 stars!
20:43 03 Mar 21
All I have to say is that Edwin, Matt, and E-Man killed it! Great work! Everything done to a T!! Will use them again!
17:50 03 Mar 21
JOJOE, DEVON & MIKE - THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING HUMANS. They were careful, considerate and absolutely hilarious. They made you feel like your friends were helping. THANK YOU!!
19:45 27 Feb 21
My roommate and I were moving and didn’t want to deal with the stress of moving and packaging all the heavy items. It was nice to have people who knew how to properly package and take everything apart as well as put back together. So glad we hired Muscular Moving Men & Storage! Our movers Jaime and Kyle were such a great help!
18:06 25 Feb 21
These guys are the best! Matt and Javon did a great job and went above and beyond!!
02:48 25 Feb 21
Matt and Javon were awesome, they helped us in a timely manner.
02:47 25 Feb 21
Lexi Grace Design has been using Muscular Moving Men for our stages and design installs for around a year now. With staging, our schedule is ever changing. When searching for a moving company, we were looking to find a move team that could keep up with our busy and revolving schedule. The team needed to have an ability to hustle and get the job done as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We were also in need of a move team that would be diligently mindful of our furniture and decor, ensuring that it was transferred from one location to another safely and without damage. Muscular Moving Men is a great move team to work with! They fulfill all the attributes of a good move team listed above. They work diligently, swiftly, safely, and are nothing but pleasant to be around. The team is respectful, they follows specific instructions, and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure a job is done to their clients satisfaction. Our lead movers, Ryan and Brandon, lead their teams strongly and always have pleasant attitudes and upbeat energy no matter how big or how small the task!
19:55 16 Feb 21
The best movers ever, Daryl, Philippe, and Jordan very personable and efficient.! Nice group of guys that can work and talk at the same time. Not the least expensive but you get what you pay for!
J A Coles
21:59 15 Feb 21
I work here at muscular moving men and storage and it is a great place
We treat your stuff as if it were ours and handle it with up most professional care And can move just about anything
13:22 11 Feb 21
We had a fantastic team of movers! They made our moving day so easy and they took great care of our furniture and boxes.
19:20 06 Feb 21
Fast quote and responses! Packed and moved our belongings with precision and care. Easiest part of our move.
21:29 04 Feb 21
Courteous, quick, very nice workers. We would recommend them anytime.
17:00 01 Feb 21
JoJoe, Matt, Fernando, and Emanuel made our move into our new home stress free and fast. They worked really well together as a team, were well organized, took great care with our furniture and the walls of our home going up and down our stairs, padded our doorways and furniture for us, and were very nice. We would use them again, as well as recommend them to our friends and family. Thank you guys!!!
20:46 27 Jan 21
The gentlemen that came to pack up my aunt's apartment were amazing! They were polite, professional, efficient and well prepared to pack up everything in record time! I will use Muscular Moving Men everytime!
18:18 26 Jan 21
Hustle, on the move constantly. Very polite, conscientious, and in a good mood from the beginning to the end. I would recommend and would use them again!
21:48 25 Jan 21
Jamie, JoJo and Edwin were awesome to work with. Fast and efficient.

This is the second time using Muscular Moving Men and I will recommend them to anyone asking.

We will continue to use them if needed.
20:31 23 Jan 21
Friendly and efficient. Have used this company several times and are always happy. Thank you guys!
22:57 20 Jan 21
Great experience with Muscular Moving Men, they called me to make sure I had everything ready and asked if I had any question a couple days before the move, called the morning of and showed up early for the day which I appreciated a lot. Nick and Wan moved all of my stuff with care and were very nice. They did an absolutely amazing job, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for such great service!
15:29 19 Jan 21
Nick and Wan were very helpful and polite. They moved my belongings as if they were their own. I would highly recommend them!
18:53 14 Jan 21
Great job by Louie and Ryan!! We were extremely pleased with their professionalism and willingness to help us! We highly recommend these guys and will be using them again on our next move in a few weeks!!!
18:06 09 Jan 21
best moving company in phoenix

Your Phoenix AZ Movers

We are proud to be the #1 locally owned Phoenix Moving & Storage Provider in Arizona since 2008. Founded by Arizona natives Justin Hodge and Josh Jurhill in 2008, Muscular Moving Men has been providing high quality moving service to Arizona residents for more than a decade. The core values the founders believe in are a part of who the company is and you will see why we are the strongest name in moving.

Services We Provide

Muscular Moving Men is your one stop for moving, packing, storage and more. Whether you are relocating cross town or cross country, the team at MMM can provide you white glove service without the white glove price. Need some items removed? Have fine china to be packed? Relocating out of state? Here are the services we provide.

Our Staff

Muscular Moving Men office staff and movers are trained to the highest industry standard at our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, AZ. Each of our Muscular Moving Men mover athletes must pass a written and physical test before joining our team. Better yet, they’ve practiced their skills in our mock warehouse known as, Mr.T – ensuring they are ready and able to execute your Phoenix move with ease.

Our crew of dedicated full-time employees are:

  • Drug Tested
  • Background Checked
  • Non-Smokers
  • Trained in House
  • Friendly & Courteous

Where to Begin Your Phoenix Move

Muscular Moving Men makes it our priority to make sure every customer fully understands the rates of our services. We offer in-home estimates with our AMSA Certified Estimators will personally come to your home or can contact you personally through a phone consultion to discuss your moving needs. When you contact us, you can expect our team to schedule your consultation
for the very next day.

Our moving consultants will provide you with a transparent outline of the costs of your move as well as recommend the proper crew size along with a time estimate for your Phoenix move or your long-distance move.

What You Can Expect
  • A detailed moving plan tailored to your needs
  • Family-like interactions with every team member from the first phone call to the final item delivered
  • Skilled and professional movers who care for your items like they were their own
  • 24-Hour Telephone Support
  • No hidden fees or surprise charges
Full Service Packing

Don’t want the stress of packing yourself? Whether you’re moving just across town or out of state, our expert moving team knows how to safely pack every item. From high-value collectibles to those tiny accessories, our licensed and bonded movers can sort, pack, and label all of your belongings.

Up For Anything Packing Supplies

Because your belongings are important, we offer an extensive array of packing and moving supplies for your next move. Whether you decide to utilize our full-service packing and unpacking service or prefer to do the packing yourself, as local Phoenix movers, we have the supplies that you’ll need to ensure your belongings make it to their final home safe and sound.

Everything from cardboard boxes of all sizes down to the tape, padding, markers, carpet shields, and mattress covers. Our supplies are accessible for less than you’ll find at hardware stores or U-Haul and we’ll even buy back anything you didn’t use! Not sure how much or what supplies you might need? Our office staff can offer you suggestions based on your local Phoenix move or long-distance moving needs.

Specialty Items

You name the item and our movers can handle it! Whether the item be oversized, extremely valuable, awkward in shape or a combination of all three, our dedicated movers will make sure these specialty items make it safely to their new destination. You can trust us with specialty items such as: Grand pianos, one-of-a-kind antiques, pool tables, safes, hot tubs, and more!

We Do The Heavy Lifting

There’s a reason we’ve dubbed our movers ‘mover athletes’. Our full-time mover athletes are just that – athletes! This dedicated roster of over 70 drivers and movers make fitness a priority. At Muscular Moving Men, we encourage our team to put their health and fitness first. Longevity, stamina, strength, and discipline are just a few benefits to this practice. The result is a team of exceptional, ready-for-anything movers standing by to tackle your next move. Our Certified Packers & Loaders will take care of the delicate packing and heavy lifting to make your move a breeze on almost any budget.

Phoenix Business & Commercial Moving

Time is money and when it comes to relocating your office this couldn’t be truer. Your business demands a company with the experience and expertise to accommodate a swift and successful office relocation. As one of just 5 moving companies in Arizona
with the Commercial Moving Certification, our commercial division is prepared to tackle the most challenging business or office moves. We are fully insured and well-acquainted with how to accommodate property management and insurance companies. Day or night, local or long-distance; we are ready to make your commercial office move a success. The Muscular Moving Men commercial division are proud partners of BSN Sports and Certified Office Mover.

Phoenix Storage Services

In the event you aren’t ready or able to move your items to their new home, we offer short- and long-term storage solutions. The Muscular Moving Men team will inventory your items then carefully pack and ship them to our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity-controlled Phoenix-based facility. Here we utilize advanced software at our 20,000 square foot warehouse to ensure your items remain safe and readily accessible for when you’re ready to receive them at their final destination.

We Are Your Long Distance & Phoenix Movers

Since 2008, Muscular Moving Men has been the #1 Phoenix moving company & storage provider in the metro. If you are looking for a professional and reliable mover to take care of an upcoming home, apartment or office move than look no further. Let Muscular Moving Men show you why we are the strongest name in moving! To get started, simply contact our office and our staff will take it from there!

Are You Ready To Move?

Request your local or long distance moving quote today!
Call us at 602-923-6400

Proud Member of the Arizona Moving Association