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With Muscular Moving Men the answer is YES! It is important to consider when relocating that a mover is licensed, insured, and bonded. Too many movers these days are so anxious to schedule your move that the important details are being missed. When making a reservation with Muscular Moving Men, you can rest assured that our transparent process will leave you fully understanding the coverage options you have. All movers are required by law to provide BASIC LIABILITY COVERAGE… In addition to that MMM also provides a FULL VALUE PROTECTION to give you full replacement value coverage.


Local Moves – Option 1

Bare Bones (Basic Value Protection, 60 Cents Per Pound Per Article)

This is the carrier’s minimum liability. You, the customer, are agreeing in writing, with the mover, to share liability for loss and damage, even though the mover is handling your goods.

An example of this option would be – A 200 pound piece of furniture is damaged, regardless of the damage, you would receive $120.00 towards the repair or value of the item. (60 cents x 200 lbs.)

Cost:  Provided at no charge.

Requirements: This is the default option and will be selected unless Muscles Up is requested.

Local Moves – Option 2

Muscles Up (Full Value Protection)

This trip transit valuation, Full Value Protection, is valuation offered by the moving company to you. Coverage is available up to $100,000.  The deductible is $500.

Cost: To be determined by weight, calculated at 5 cents per pound.

Requirements: The customer requests full value protection from your move specialist.



Long Distance Moves – Option 1

Basic Value Protection (60 Cents Per Pound Per Article)

Minimal carrier liability at no additional cost to the shipper. Loss or damage claims are settled based on the weight of the article multiplied by $.60. (For example, a broken lamp weighting 7 pounds would be covered up to a maximum value of $4.20.)

Long Distance Moves – Option 2

Full Value Protection

The purchase of Full Value Protection means that if articles are lost, destroyed, or damaged, they will be either repaired, replaced with like and quality items, or a cash settlement made for the item in the current condition. Depreciation of the lost or damaged item is factored in determining replacement value. The amount of the shipment valuation is based on a minimum declared value of $10,000 or $6.00 times the net weight of the shipment, whichever is greater. (For example, if the shipment weighs 1,000 pounds, the minimum value declared must be at least $6,000.)

Carrier’s maximum liability and the valuation charges specified herein for the assumption of liability shall be subject to selection by the shipper, prior to loading, of an appropriate maximum valuation amount and either deductible. Shipper may declare or release the shipment to a higher maximum valuation amount, subject to one of the amounts shown below. To avoid these additional charges, shipper must agree that if articles are lost or damaged, carrier liability will not exceed $.60 per pound for the actual weight of any lost or damaged article or articles in the shipment.


Option A – $500 Deductible: Under Option A, in consideration of a reduction in the valuation charge, the shipper assumes responsibility for the first $500 of any claim.


Option B – $1,000 Deductible: Under Option B, in consideration of a reduction in the valuation charge, the shipper assumes responsibility for the first $1,000 of any claim.


Under no circumstances will Moving Company cover any boxes that are packed by the owner (PBO). Please provide enough cushion inside your boxes that you pack to protect your belongings.
Moving Company employees will not disconnect any appliance. Please contract this work to an appropriate contractor.  Moving Company may arrange for the appliances to be disconnected and reconnected upon request.

Absolutely no claim will be paid if a repair is made prior to Moving Company office being notified of the damage.
Please note that valuation must be signed before your move begins.

Interstate Or Intrastate:
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