How Housewarming Parties
Help You Get Settled .

After moving to a new home, you might think the last thing you want is more stressful planning. That may be so. But since you’re in planning mode anyway, why not plan a housewarming party? It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive, or crowded gathering. Here are some reasons to commemorate your new home with a celebration: 

Let nearby friends know you’re in town 

If you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or city in Arizona, you might want to get together with friends who live nearby. Having a party lets your friends know your new address and how to get to your new place. You could ask for housewarming gifts, host a potluck, or just let everyone know to just bring themselves so they can get the grand tour. 

Meet your neighbors 

Hosting an open house is a way to get to know your neighbors. You can find out who lives nearby, who has kids around your kids’ ages, who has dogs who can play with your dogs, who your next door neighbor hired to do that beautiful landscape, and so on. People in your neighborhood can recommend nearby restaurants, stores, and places of worship that you might have missed when looking things up on Google maps.  

Give yourself motivation to unpack 

Nothing motivates you to tidy up like having people over. After moving day, you’ll be forgiven if all you want to do is set up the couch so you can crash on it. But the sooner you get everything unpacked and organized, the sooner you’ll feel at home. Muscular Moving Men can help you with installation and unpacking to make the process even more convenient. 

Celebrate and relax (finally!) 

Celebrate the milestone in your life and allow yourself to live a little now that you have a new place to live. Once you’ve officially marked the housewarming party off your calendar, you can put all the stress of the move behind you for good. 

Muscular Moving Men’s comprehensive moving services can help you with everything but the housewarming party – so call us to help plan your move, and then you can get to the fun part!