Take the Stress Out of Moving a Loved One

As a company providing senior moving services, we know that moving an elderly loved one can be a stressful life event. Muscular Moving Men can take away some of that stress by managing your move from beginning to end. We are your Phoenix senior moving services professionals.

The traditional definition of the “elderly” has been considered to be those over the age of 65. Using this number… statistically speaking… in 2019 about 17% of the population fit this definition. By 2050 it’s expected to grow to over 22%. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, our country’s over 65 population has grown by over 1/3 since 2010.

If you have loved ones that are now getting to their golden age, it may soon be time to begin thinking about and having the conversation about a move.

Whether it’s downsizing to a smaller home or moving into senior living, you can rely on Muscular Moving Men to provide compassionate full-service moving and packing services. We understand how important it is for the move to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible and to make the move a positive experience for your senior loved one.

Quality, Careful Full Service Movers

As full service Phoenix movers, our white glove packing and unpacking service will take the stress out of your move. Our team can pack and unpack your loved one’s valuables for you and help you prevent breakage and damage.

Senior Moving Services

Muscular Moving Men’s staff is thoughtful and compassionate. Our highly trained movers take care to make your loved one’s move easy and worry free.

  • From your home to a senior community or smaller house.
  • From on senior community to another one.
  • From one apartment to another one within the same senior community.
  • Provide storage solutions as needed.
  • Just let us know what you need!

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