Tips For Moving
In The Heat .


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It’s no surprise that Arizona temperatures can rise well over 100 degrees on any given day during the summer months. Summer time is also the most common time for people to move homes.

In order to keep you and your belongings safe, we have provided tips below to help you stay cool while going through the moving process.

1.Turn Your Utilities On Before You Move In

Avoid having yourself as well as  Muscular Moving Men movers sweating like crazy come moving day; Turn on the A/C a day or two before switching homes. By cooling down your house ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand, like unpacking. For a smooth and easy transition, transfer your utilities for FREE here!

2. Don’t Forget The Water

In Arizona, It is extremely easy to overheat without even knowing it. You are doing more physical activity than you may realize when moving, so staying consistent in drinking water is key to avoid dehydration. Keep a cooler of water bottles easily accessible for yourself and those helping you move.

3. Get Started Early

In Arizona Summers, you can expect to see the sun start to rise closer to 5:30AM. Temperatures around this time are high 80’s to low 90’s. Beat the heat and get the tough stuff done (like packing the garage) during this time. Try scheduling your movers to come early as well to help everyone beat the heat.

4. When in Doubt, Call Muscular Moving Men

Not comfortable moving in the heat? Our trained professionals know how to work quickly and efficiently in the heat, all while staying safe. Call today to schedule your move!