Womens Health and
Workout Tips .

Hey girl hey, we haven’t forgot about you!  Every woman has those trouble zones that take a little extra work to tighten and tone.  Are the words lower abs and thigh gaps ringing in your head yet? This blog is dedicated to every woman wanting to feel confident in a swimsuit, to fit in that sexy black dress and to finally put back on those shorts you’ve pushed to the bottom of your drawer.  Who wears short shorts?  You can and you will!

Are you stuck in cardio hell, chasing that dream body you see on Pinterest?  It’s time to shake up your routine with the tips and tricks that we believe at Muscular Moving Men will take you to the next level.  We not only believe in building strong men for a move made easy, we believe that it is important for everyone to live a healthy and strong lifestyle.  Read on for the top exercises to build a stronger core so you can feel just as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

  • We are a big fan of 30 day challenges!  I’m sure you’ve seen the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day ab challenge, so we thought why not do both?  This combo 30 day challenge is the ultimate ab and butt workout!  Fitness Republic has a great infographic you can print and follow along with, click here!  Remember girls, it’s only 30 days!
  • Next, you may be thinking push-ups are a man’s game, but listen up ladies this exercise is just as important for you to master.  This classic movement is used to tighten your chest muscles and no it won’t leave you looking like she-hulk.
  • Step-ups are also a great way to target your glutes and hamstrings.  This exercise is all about building stronger legs and a tighter butt.  Find a sturdy box or park bench and go for it!
  • Stick to a clean diet, what does this mean?  Pass on the bagels and donuts at work, portion-control and remember you are in control of your own health.  Remember losing weight is 75% diet and 25% exercise.

If losing weight was just as fun and easy as gaining it, everyone would be doing it.  It takes a strong mind to create a strong body.