How To survive
AZ Heat .

It goes without saying that Arizona is HOT. And the worst part is, it comes out of nowhere. One day you’re enjoying the cool breeze with the windows down in your car, and next thing you know you’re getting third degree burns from touching the steering wheel.
Being a business in Phoenix for over 10 years, we are more familiar than we’d like to be with the AZ summers. So, from one Arizona resident to another, read below to see how we survive these scorching hot months.

1. Drink, Drink, Drink.
Think you’re a good water drinker? Think again. Come summer time in Arizona, one bottle of water is enough to last you from the front door to your car. And between the time you start the car and when the A/C is finally cold, you’ll need another bottle or 2. Play it safe and aim to drink a couple bottles of water an hour to keep hydrated.

2. Sunblock is the New Lotion
Moisturizing after a shower? Ditch the lotion. Sunblock is your new best friend. With UV Radiation at 11.4, Arizona is in the extreme range when it comes to the strength of the sun rays. This means you could be looking at first degree burns within 10 minutes of being outside. Lather up and stay protected BEFORE leaving the house.

3. Heat Stroke is No Joke
Knowing the signs of heat stroke is a must when living in Arizona. Lack of sweating, feeling cold, fast heart rate, abdominal and leg cramps, and dizziness are just a few of the major signs to look out for with heat stroke.

Muscular Moving Men wants everyone to be safe and have fun this summer. Hire our trained professionals to move you into your next home and avoid this killer heat!