4 Hidden Costs
Of Moving You Should Consider .

Estimating your moving costs and moving yourself is hard. No matter how much time you take preparing, things will come up, and you will be forced to kick your fool proof plan to the curb to make the needed adjustments. These “things” that come up can be quite costly and throw your budget out the window. Hiring movers can eliminate many of these worries, as well as keep some cash in your pocket.

Still not convinced? Check out these 4 hidden costs of moving that no one plans for.


The first step to moving is usually always packing. You map out what you have, how many boxes you may need, and get to work. Eventually, you realize just how must stuff you have accumulated throughout the years. You start to notice that you have items that need special padding and wrapping, and even specific boxes for things like your clothes. The cost of boxes, padding, shrink wrap, and all the other needed items really add up. With Muscular Moving Men, you can count on us to pad and wrap all your items at no additional cost.

Money saved when hiring Muscular Moving Men: $150-$400

Physical Capability

Don’t get us wrong, we have no doubt you are in great shape. But when it comes to moving, it can be hours upon hours of bending, lifting, and running back and forth to load and unload your items. Without the proper form or right amount of help, the only trip you will be taking is to the doctor. Avoid the medical bills and trust the professionals at Muscular Moving Men. We have the muscles for a move made easy.

Money saved when hiring Muscular Moving Men: $50-200

Baby Or Pet Sitters

It’s hard to chase around a child or a pet when you’re packing your valuables. Paying someone, whether it be with cash or food, can get costly. With hiring movers, you’ll be able to have the family all together to reminisce on old memories (and plan new ones), while we handle the difficult task of moving.

Money saved when hiring Muscular Moving Men: $60-$120


Your garage may be filled with tools, but do you have the exact ones that IKEA used when they came to put your bedroom set together? Maybe. But odds are, no. Muscular Moving Men comes fully prepared with all the needed tools to take that furniture apart AND put it back together for you at no additional cost.

Money saved when hiring Muscular Moving Men: $200-$400

The Other… Not So Obvious Moving Costs List

Now that you have four moving costs to consider that you may not have thought about, let’s take a look at some additional moving costs that you’ll want to be aware of or otherwise consider.

Going With The Cheapest Estimate:
You’ve probably done your due diligence and gotten multiple quotes coming from different moving companies. That’s a good thing. But don’t think that going with the cheapest is the company that will ultimately save you money. In fact, good movers are generally more expensive for a reason. The better movers will be better at packing and loading your belongings and they’ll also be better at making things right if damages do happen to occur.

Not Getting Your Security Deposit Back:
If you happen to be moving from a place that you’ve been renting, you may want to pencil in the possibility that you may not get your deposit (or all of it) back from your landlord. While this may not come directly under the cost of moving, in all honesty, it should be an item on your moving costs spreadsheet.

Packing Supplies (if doing it yourself):
First of all, we recommend that you don’t do the packing yourself. But, if you do, make sure that you take a careful look at what purchasing all the moving supplies needed will do to increase your moving costs. The cost of these moving packing supplies can add up quickly. Also, being cheap in this area probably won’t help you save money because the better quality supplies will cost a bit more but will protect your belongings better.

Moving Insurance:
If go with a quality mover, they are going to be careful with your items, but let’s face it, damage can happen; particularly on long distance moves. This is why adding insurance beyond the base coverage is always a good idea. Moving companies offer different moving insurance coverages beyond the base coverage so be sure to get the type of coverage that best covers your belongings. An additional cost to your moving costs… but worth it.

Overnight Stay Moving Costs:
No matter what the scenario, if your move ends up involving an overnight stay the movers will keep your stuff overnight but it won’t be for free. Also, don’t forget about you and your family… the hotel won’t be free either. So, be sure to inquire about this, so you can plan your moving budget accordingly.

Tips For Your Movers:
Moving is hard physical work and the people literally doing all the heavy lifting should be compensated accordingly.

Moving Specialty & Large Items:
If your move is going to involve specialty items such as a piano, pool table, artwork, etc, be sure to involve these items in your conversations with your movers (and even if they do move these types especially artwork) because these types of items will definitely will be involved in your moving costs.

Stairs and Elevators:
If you’re moving to a place that will involve stairs and/or elevators be sure you discuss the moving cost of these elements when getting your moving cost quotes. Also, if you’re moving to building has a moving or freight elevator, make sure you get the elevator reserved for a timeframe that accommodates your move in time. Not having an available elevator means the movers have to use stairs and the time used doing so could add up.

Replacing & Rebuying:
This is a moving cost that most all of us are aware is going to a part of the move, yet it oftentimes grossly underestimated after the dust settles. Everyone’s scenario will be different with this moving cost, but you really need to take a detailed look at this one and do your homework especially if it involves replacing appliances and furniture as a part of your move and not just the trips to the home supply stores. Even the smaller items such as cleaning supplies that you want to stock up on will pile on the the cost of your move.

Restocking Your Pantry:
Even when you’re very careful, moving can be a very wasteful project. Yes, being mindful of keeping the amount and weight of your move under control is a good thing, but it also means you’ll have to restock at your new place. Particularly true if it is a long distance move and we all pretty much know what a couple of full grocery carts are going to add to your overall moving costs.

Utilities – Insurances – Internets – Etc.
Although not directly associated with moving day and the cost move, who could argue that these items aren’t ultimately associated with what it will cost you to move. Perhaps some or all of these types of items may ultimately be cheaper on a monthly basis, they may still have have hook-up fees and deposits that may have to come out of your moving budget.

At the end of the day whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there are many tasks and items that are associated with moving costs. Be sure to take the time list out and itemize everything you can possibly think of that will be involved with your move because the quote you get from your moving companies is only a part of what any move will end up costing.