Moving In As
A Blended Family .

Moving to a new home as a family presents challenges as you and your kids have to adjust to a new space, new routines, a new neighborhood, and possibly a new school. If you are moving in together as a blended family, congratulations! And yet you or your kids might be nervous about the adjustment.

One out of six children lives in a home with a blended family. No two families are the same, so there’s no scientifically proven method to guarantee perfect domestic harmony. You can expect some growing pains, but you can also help your families adjust to being a family.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

Everyone needs their own space to spread out, express themselves, and enjoy privacy. Even if you’re moving into a small home and can’t avoid siblings sharing rooms, consider having a quiet reading nook or separate playroom where everyone knows they can go if they need space. Allow everyone to make decisions to make the space their own.

Compare Notes and Make Rules Before Moving

You and your spouse likely have some differences when it comes to running a household and raising children. Don’t wait until you move in together to discover these differences. Let kids know how they can expect their lives to change – will they have more responsibilities? Will they get a television in their room for the first time? Discuss these changes with them and let them give their input.

Do Things Together – But Don’t Force It

Relationships take time to develop. Spend time together as a blended family, and bond with each person individually at a comfortable level. If you’re painting, landscaping, or remodeling when you move in, give everyone an age-appropriate job so they feel included in creating the new space.

We’re no family counselors, and we can’t negotiate with your ex, but we have moved families of all kinds. Whatever changes you undergo with your family, we can help take the stress out of relocation.