Where Young People
Are Moving .

A few years back, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report on Young Adult Migration in the U.S. It revealed that young adults move a lot more than older adults do. This isn’t too surprising, considering that many young people are still in search of jobs during the early stages of adult life. But where are young people actually moving?

Places Young People Are Moving

Young adults are still much more likely to move to urban areas than older adults, who tend to live in more suburban and rural areas. In the first dozen years of the new millennium, young adults flocked to mid-sized cities, such as Baltimore, Portland, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Salt Lake City. The city that has experienced the biggest influx in young adult population is Houston.

While mid-sized cities have seen a boom in their population of young adults over the better part of the last decade, it’s the big cities that are still drawing the most young adults. Cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and San Francisco are attracting scores of young adults due to the number of job opportunities that are available there. Each city has a prominent place in the cultural imagination, drawing young people for practical and romantic reasons.

It’s also worth noting that almost 30 percent of young adults move back home to live with their parents once they’ve graduated from college. This is because it’s more difficult to find employment immediately after graduation and because the cost of living can be quite high, especially in urban areas. That same cost of living issue is what drives migration to mid-sized, less famous cities.

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