The Relationship Between
a Realtor and a Moving Company .

If you follow Muscular Moving Men at all, you’ve noticed that some of our previous blog posts have involved interviews and conversations with realtors. That’s because we want to express how important it can be for your realtor and your moving company to have a working, proactive relationship.

Pro-activity Both Ways

When your mover and your realtor work together, there is open communication. The realtor can give an prediction of how long your stuff might be in limbo before you move into your new place. As well, your mover can express to the realtor what logistics might need to be discussed about the homes. There is undoubtedly pro-activity both ways, when your moving company and your realtor work together.

Why That Matters to You

It really matters that your realtor and your mover have a working relationship because it completely benefits you. Your valuables could possibly be in between homes for a substantial about of time. However, if your moving company recognizes this possibility, they are prepared to store your things with no hesitation.

At Muscular Moving Men, we’ve stored things on our truck when there was a discrepancy in moving times. We’ve set aside storage units when we knew there may be some days or months between a family’s move in or move out. We’re committed to our customers, and in having excellent communication with the realtors, we’re able to do that flawlessly.

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