Health Tips from Muscular Moving Men

Are you ready to start working out with the Muscular Moving Men?  As part of our new blog series, we will be incorporating work out tips for you to follow so you too can look like one of our Muscular Moving Men.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for blog updates!

With summer here in full force, it’s important to get your body in the best beach body shape.  This week we are talking about man boobs and how to eliminate them.  A powerful-looking upper body starts with a chiseled chest.  Sculpt your pecs and get rid of those man boobs once and for all with the five tips below.

  • Diet is a huge, pun-intended, part of losing fat and building muscle.  No matter how hard you train, if you are not eating a high protein diet you are not going to see your ultimate results.  What you eat is the foundation of having a rock hard body
  • The second most important way to shred your body is cardio, Cardio, CARDIO! Without the proper amount of cardio, those man boobs are here to stay.  Start by doing cardio 45 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  Cardio can be a combination of running, bleachers, sprints or cycling
  • Next, add in the bench press.  As stated by former Mr. Natural Arizona, Josh Jurhill, the owner of Muscular Moving Men, an inclined bench press is the key to saying goodbye to the pesky man boobs
  • Now, pushups!  This exercise is great for your chest as well as your back!  Doing pushups every day is a great way to step up your chest game.
  • When it comes to working your pecs, most guys resort to simply using the bench press.  If you want to look like one of our Muscular Moving Men add in the fly to your routine.  The cable fly is one of our favorite because it provides a constant tension throughout your entire workout.

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