What You Need
to Know About Moving Insurance .

When choosing a moving service, take a good look at the insurance options they offer. While a reputable moving service will do everything in their power to ensure that your belongings are moved without damage, accidents can happen. For example, boxes do shift during transport, and if the items inside those boxes aren’t packed properly, something could break. The following are some of the things you should know about moving insurance:

Types of Moving Insurance

Every mover has to carry basic value protection. If they don’t have it, they’re not reputable. With basic value protection, you share the liability for loss or damage with the mover. The mover will pay 60 cents per pound per item that’s damaged. So if a 100-pound couch is damaged, you’ll get $60 for it, despite how much it costs to repair or replace it.

You can also choose to purchase full value protection insurance, which will provide coverage up to $100,000 for no less than $6 a pound. There are deductibles required for this type of coverage, which can vary depending on how long the distance of a move it is.

Making a Moving Insurance Claim

If something is damaged during the move, then you’ll need to file a claim within nine months of delivery. The mover will then need to acknowledge the receipt of your claim within 30 days and will have upwards of 120 days to either make an offer or deny your claim.

Here at Muscular Moving Men, we not only offer basic value protection for both local and long-distance moves, we also have several full value protection plans for local and long-distance moves. For information about our insurance plans or to schedule an upcoming move, be sure to contact us at Muscular Moving Men today.