Why Hire Concierge
Moving Services? .

When most people move, they’ll hire whatever moving company is located nearby that offers an affordable rate and has a decent reputation. These are important factors, but if you’re moving in the heat of Arizona, you might want to look beyond the basics. The typical moving company will load your furniture and boxes, transport them, and then unload them. Concierge movers offer full-service packages based on your needs so you get more for your money and spend less time dealing with other aspects of the move.

What are Moving Concierge Services?

Moving concierge services provide many more services than typical moving companies offer. For example, in addition to simply loading and unloading your boxes and furniture, concierge services pack your things safely and securely for you. If you’re renting out a storage unit to keep some of the items you’re not bringing with you, then they will move those items there for you. Some services may even help you sell or donate items that you no longer want or need.

Additionally, many concierge movers offer helpful services before and after the move. For example, some employ interior design experts. They can help stage your old home for sale as well as set up your new home after they’ve unloaded your belongings and helped you unpack. There are even concierge services that will set up your utilities, such as your gas, water and electric, so that the day you move in, you’ll be all set up.

Whoever you hire, make sure they offer protection for your items during the move.

Our Moving Concierge Service

Our concierge service options will help make your moving process as easy, stress-free and convenient as possible. We can help stage a home for sale, move your belongings into storage, pack and unpack your things and much more. For more information about the concierge services that we offer, be sure to contact us at Muscular Moving Men for a free quote today.