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  • Best Phoenix Areas For Outdoor Enthusiasts
    While Phoenix is known for its hot summers, it’s also one of the top destinations for new residents who enjoy outdoor activities. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Phoenix, AZ areas for outdoor enthusiasts. Living in Phoenix has many benefits, but enjoying the great outdoors and beautiful scenery is one of the […]
  • Best Phoenix, Az Area Neighborhoods For Foodies
    The Valley of the Sun is a haven for those who love to eat, drink and be merry, with no shortage of culinary adventures to enjoy. From the innovative to the deliciously simple and everything in between, we’re breaking down the top Phoenix area neighborhoods for foodies. Bon Appetit and Buen Provecho! Whether you’re a […]
  • Moving to Phoenix? 5 Historic Neighborhoods to Explore
    In a place that celebrated its statehood centennial in 2012, the last thing that may come to mind when you think of Phoenix, Arizona is a historic district. But the city has been thriving for much longer than 119 years. Today we’re exploring some of Phoenix’s top historic neighborhoods, and what makes each of them […]
  • May Is National Moving Month
    April showers may bring May flowers, but it also happens to bring the busiest moving season of the year. That’s right; the month of May is National Moving Month. To celebrate, we’re giving you our top tips for an organized move during the busy season, and connecting you with the resources you need for a […]
  • Moving To Phoenix? A Few Insider’s Tips.
    There is so much more to moving to Phoenix, Arizona than scorching heat, giant saguaro cactus, and desert landscapes. Read on to get an insider’s perspective on why this Southwestern U.S. city is one of the top destinations for transplants of all ages, from far and wide. If those images come to mind, you wouldn’t […]
  • Moving With Pets? Here’s How To Help Your Pet Settle Into A New Home
    If moving is stressful for humans (spoiler alert: it is) then it’s even more so for pets who have no context for what’s going on. Take a deep breath, snuggle up with your furbaby, and read on for our pro tips for helping your furry friends settle into their new home after moving day. The […]
  • Our Junk Removal Division
    Muscular Moving Men & Storage to Launch Junk Removal Division. With more moves comes more junk! Muscular Moving Men & Storage and its commercial moving division, M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics, will launch a new junk removal subdivision on November 2 to assist customers in getting rid of the items they don’t want to bring […]
  • How To Ship A Car To Another State
    If you’ve got a long distance move coming up, you may be pondering the options of just how you’re going to ship a car to another state. If you’re doing a DIY move, you’re probably going to be the one driving the rental truck and if for whatever reason you’re not towing your car, there […]
  • How To Pack A Moving Truck Like Us Pros
    If you’re wondering how to pack a moving truck and is there really a right way, the answer is yes. From the order in which you pack to the way your organize packing a moving truck it’s all about the space you have to work with and how efficiently you use that space, distribute the […]
  • Where To Get Free Moving Boxes To Save Some Bucks
    Let’s face it – moving isn’t cheap. The costs to move of course vary greatly depending upon a variety of variables. Mostly distance and how much stuff you have to move. Then there’s all the other expenses such as packing supplies and moving boxes. When it comes to cutting the cost of moving boxes, with […]
  • Muscular Home Staging Tips For Sellers
    If you’ve decided it’s time to move to a new house or perhaps your job or career has decided for you, that means you’ll be putting your house on the market. Of course, you’ll want to get top dollar for your home, and you’ll want it to sell as quickly as possible. Potential home buyers […]
  • Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage
    If you’ve been doing any looking around at all for climate controlled storage you’ve no doubt come across a large list of companies that offer climate controlled storage units. You’ve no doubt noticed that climate controlled storage units generally come at a higher cost. This is stands to reason as the climate controlled units cost […]
  • Tips For Driving Cross Country For A Move
    If you’re about to embark on a long-distance move or maybe driving cross country for your move, you’ll want to take some time to plan and lay out the details of your ultimate road trip. For this article we make the assumption that you’re having a professional moving company take care of all your boxes […]
  • Quick Guide to Changing Your Address
    It’s a done deal. You’re moving. Now comes all the preparation involved with a move. Things like are you going to move yourself or will you be hiring professional movers? What about packing supplies? Are you going to pack or opt to have the moving company do the packing for you? Certainly, all valid questions […]
  • Benefits of Using Professional Packers
    Moving can be a hard slog. At best it’s difficult to keep track of the litany of tasks involved with a move. Especially if you’re trying to work your move in around your job, the kids, childcare and all the other life’s responsibilities. It really doesn’t have to be as difficult as all that! If […]
  • What Do Professional Movers Do For You
    So you have a big move coming up. It’s not just a quick move down the road or to a nearby town – it’s a long distance move. At Muscular Moving Men, we’re here to help. If you’re unsure why you should enlist the help of professional and experienced movers, read on to find out […]
  • How to Disinfect and Sanitize According to the CDC
    Killing viruses like Covid-19 on surfaces requires strong cleaning solutions like bleach. The CDC recommends a mixture of 1 cup bleach per 5 gallons of water for use on non-porous surfaces to disinfect household surfaces. Suitable surfaces include countertops and other surfaces that could be contaminated through human contact. A recent study suggests that Covid-19 […]
  • Covid-19: Governor Ducey Executive Order on Essential Services
    Covid-19: Governor Ducey Executive Order on Essential Services Governor Doug Ducey list essential services including “Critical Trades” like moving companies. There were 82 new cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) reported today. On Monday, March 23rd, 2020, Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order detailing which business would be considered essential in the case of a future […]
  • It’s Muscular Moving Men Day in Phoenix today!
    The mayor has named December 4th, 2019 Muscular Moving Men day in Phoenix. In recognition of Phoenix-based the core values Muscular Moving Men represent, and by being a company that helps make Phoenix a unique place to live, Mayor Kate Gallego has declared December 4th, 2019 Muscular Moving Men day. A representative from her office […]
  • Muscular Moving Men wins 2019 Innovation Award from Phoenix Business Journal
    Muscular Moving Men again shows its determination to be an industry leader by winning the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2019 Innovation Award. By using technology and process refinements, they continue to improve their customer’s experience and business efficiency. In the last year, Muscular Moving Men has improved the speed and accuracy of their bills with tablet-based […]
  • Muscular Moving Men featured in Arizona Republic Helping Family in Need
    The founders at Muscular Moving Men have always felt strongly that giving back to the community of AZ is important. Over the years since the company was founded in 2008, Muscular Moving Men has partnered with groups like Hope Womens Center of Arizona and Phoenix Childrens Hospital to donate moving service and help families get […]
  • Making Moves: ASU grad applies skills to fast-growing moving company
    When Justin Hodge graduated from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2006, he had no idea he would be using the skills he learned there to lead the fastest-growing moving company in Arizona. Two years after graduating, Hodge teamed up with his longtime friend Josh Jurhill and started moving families across town with just […]
  • Muscular Moving Men Becomes First in Country to Offer Move Financing
    Moving can be one of the most challenging and stressful times in a person’s life. To help ease that stress, Phoenix-based Muscular Moving Men has become the first moving company in the country to offer personal loans for families and businesses that need extra muscle for their move. The company has partnered with GreenSky Personal Loans to ease […]
  • Not just a clever name: Muscular Moving Men’s success is serious business
    Helping a pal move is a generous favor most have done at least once in their lives. But when Josh Jurhill helped best friend Justin Hodge move into his new apartment, it was a task they sought to repeat again. But not for free. “We thought we could make extra money,” Jurhill recalled. Ten years […]
  • 7 Items Your Moving Company May Not Ship
    This article is courtesy of Realtor.com. A long-distance move can be tricky. In addition to having to pack up every possession you own, you’ll also have to figure out how to get it all to your new home. While some people choose to drive their stuff themselves across state lines, that might not be feasible […]