Quick Guide to
Changing Your Address .

It’s a done deal. You’re moving. Now comes all the preparation involved with a move. Things like are you going to move yourself or will you be hiring professional movers? What about packing supplies? Are you going to pack or opt to have the moving company do the packing for you?

Certainly, all valid questions needing to be answered. But before you do that you are going to want to make sure you notify all right people and places about the upcoming changing of your address. It’s a good idea to get this list completed sooner rather than later so there is less risk of dealing with the hassles of services lapsing or miss getting your bills.

At Muscular Moving Men we want to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. So, we’ve put together a to do list of changing your address. When it comes to a change of address checklist, everyone will have different people and places to contact, so here’s a general guide to changing your address when you move.

Start Your Change Of Address Process Here

The first place to start is to notify the USPS of your upcoming new address. The post office will keep a record of your old address for 12 months and will forward your mail. Although you may have a few mailings slip through the cracks, overall the post office does a good job of catching outdated addresses. This part is easy to do online at the USPS website. You’ll want to get this done at least a week before your move.

Update Your Credit Cards

Even if you handle your credit card payments online, you’ll still want to make sure that any credit cards that you use have your change of address information. Also, you should make a list of any other paper billing invoices you receive as well. The vast majority of companies offer the ability to make these updates online and they also have a customer service number on the back of the card.

Social Security Administration

If you currently are receiving any benefits from the SSA be sure to let them know you are changing your address.

Your Bank

Of course, your bank will want to know the your changing your address. Just like the credit cards your bank will need your new address for security purposes and to verify your debit card billing address. With most all banks this can be done online. Or, simply call the customer service number.


The majority of any magazine subscriptions allow you to notify them of your change of address on their website. The website form will most likely need your customer or subscription number. These numbers are usually found on the front or back page of the magazine.

Auto Payment Subscriptions

If you have any auto-pay or auto-renew subscriptions for any online services or software that you may be using be sure update your change of address via you online user account. This is true for any online shopping sites that you utilize such as Amazon.

Other Financial Agencies

If you have a local broker or an online brokerage account be sure to update your change of address. Also, include any loan providers where you have an active loan account.

Gas And Electric

This is one change of address notification you’ll want to get set up as soon as you know your new address, so you don’t have any interruptions with these two services. Arrange for the cut-off of your old place through the end of your moving day and have them turned on the day before you are scheduled to arrive at your new place.

Cable & Phone

In these digital days in which we live, it would not be much fun to not have your cable and internet all set up and turned on at your new place the day you arrive. Let these parties know of your change of address and schedule the turn on time at your new place. For your cell phone, just make sure your provider has your new address change. Again, this can generally be done on the company’s website under your user account.


Give your local insurance agent a call to let them know you’re changing your address. If you’re moving to another state, they should be able to provide you with the contact information of a local office where you are moving to. For your health insurance, the provider’s website or customer service number is the best place to notify of a change of address.


If you have prescriptions or medication coverages that auto-renew or bill, let your local pharmacy of your change of address. If your pharmacy is a national chain this will ensure that your address is changed throughout their network, so you won’t have to do this at your new location.

Shopping Clubs

If you’re a member of Costco, Sam’s or something similar update your user account with your change of address.

Doctors and Vets

Give your new address to your local doctor, dentist and veterinarian’s offices. If you happen to be moving out of town, they may be able to help with a referral to offices at your new location.

This list may not cover the entirety of everyone’s change of address checklist. Hopefully we’ve been able to touch on most of the bases and give a good start and making your own list of providers and accounts that you have that will need your change of address.